ZipperAde - The Solution For Zippers That Won’t Stay Up.
How It Works?

  • Thread ZipperAde through the eye of your zipper pull, so approximately half of your ZipperAde is visible on both sides.
  • Pull either ZipperAde loop through the other forming a secure bond to your zipper pull.
  • Take the remaining ZipperAde loop and stretch it over the button on your pants to lock your zipper in place.
  • ZipperAde's design allows for just enough elasticity to loop over your button to keep a super close bond, but it will never stretch out, making it the perfect solution to keep your zipper from falling down.

Helpful Tips & Info

  • ZipperAde Tip for keeping your zipper up on petite or "skinny jeans and shorts":
    Thread ZipperAde through the eye of your zipper pull, and take both loops and stretch them over your button for a super close bond.
  • ZipperAde Tip for keeping your zipper up on a pair of pants with an offset button: Attach one ZipperAde to your zipper as normal. Now attach another ZipperAde to that loop as an extension. Then attach the loop from the second ZipperAde to your button.
  • Apply once and you are done. ZipperAde is washer/dryer safe, so there is no need to remove it.
  • Always keep an extra ZipperAde close by, either in your car, purse, wallet, sock drawer, etc. You never know when you or a loved one will be affected by a faulty zipper.

How ZipperAde Was Born

ZipperAde was created and launched by two friends, Kyle Lidinsky and Ken Hilgendorf. The product was developed out of a desire to fix their zipper problems. After giving prototypes to friends and family members, they decided to go into business and provide their solution to the general public for zippers that just won't stay up. ZipperAde is now sold worldwide and currently keeping zippers up in four continents.

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