ZipperAde - The Solution For Zippers That Won’t Stay Up.
  • Apply Once, and Done!Works with all common Zippers.
  • Washer & Dryer Safe!Worry-free Use.
  • Completely Undetectable!Pliable for easy access.
A Simple Solution To An Everyday Problem

ZipperAde™ is an inexpensive solution to a common problem. Apply ZipperAde™ to any zipper that won’t stay in place. ZipperAde™ is an undetectable, reusable, and washer/dryer safe product that will ensure your zipper stays secured in place. Its pliable design makes it extremely functional.

How It Works [Learn More]

Ahh Snap... The zipper on your favorite apparrel won’t stay up. Apply ZippeAde™. A Simple, quick, and effective way to keep your zipper in place. Zipper Secured! You just saved your favorite apparrel for under $2 USD.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Stay Fly Solutions is simple; keeping you zipped. We have developed a simple, inexpensive solution to an everyday problem. ZipperAde™ is an amazing and innovative product that fits 99% of all zippers.

Stay Fly Solutions, LLC.
West Palm Beach, FL